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    mai 2013

    Unhappy Strange banned note,need advice

    Hey everyone,one of my friends' account has been banned since 4 days ago. He tried to submit a ticket to the in-game support team to file an appeal, but only received an email said that:"Your account was accessed from a location confirmed to be involved in gold farming and gold selling activities. It will remain permanently suspended and all future inquiries will be closed without response."
    Then, he tried to login this website—— he saw this note: "You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified.Date the ban will be lifted: Dec 13 2040, 10:18 PM"
    ——This note is strange - -|||What's the meaning of "NO REASON"?
    By the way,he said he never did anything about gold farming or gold selling. If really did, it must be someone else hacked his account. He submitted a ticket to the lotro accounts/store support team yesterday, but still don't receive any response. Since he received an email said"all future inquiries will be closed without response", this won't help.
    Er,my English is too poor to describe this problem clearly,do someone know this?

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    octobre 2010
    Hamilton, NY
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    The best solution would be to call Account Support. At worst, they'll be able to give a clearer answer on what happened. At best, they'll be able to resolve the problem right then and there.

    If you're not in the States, you can use Skype to call for free. (I assume as an MMOer, you and/or your friend probably have a headset you can use for that.) Just make sure you call during business hours. They should open in the next couple of hours.
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    juin 2007
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    The account owner (your friend) has to deal with this issue by contacting Turbine. Nobody else can be involved in this process.
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    mai 2013

    Unhappy Thanks for reply

    Thanks for all of these reply,My friend will contact with Turbine later......But in fact, I don't think they will give him a satisfied answer,because he has called them several days ago and they say he can send a ticket to Turbine.......and got "if your account is banned,all of this account's request will be ignored"——ok my English writing is poor but i think i got the topic......I just hope he can come back,it's too boring if you don't have a friend to play with.



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