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    décembre 2007

    COOKS Problem finding item

    Hello all, and hopefully this isn't too dumb of a question.

    Where or how do I acquire blessed Elven-bread? I have looked at several sites, and they all say from a vendor. I have tried all the vendors I can find, such as the one by the oven in the Shire.

    Anyways, thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give to me.

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    décembre 2007
    Nevermind......I was looking online at a chart showing how much of each material you need for your rep crafting.....the site I looked at is dated. There are no items nowadays that use them.

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    juin 2007
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    There is no such item as Blessed Elven Bread that I know of. If I recall correctly, there was a vendor material called Blessed Elf Flour. This item no longer exists in game. The various Cook recipes were changed to use a Cook made ingredient called something or other Flour. There are several kinds of this Flour. I think there is a Flour recipe for every tier.

    The closest thing to Blessed Elven Bread is the Lembas and the Lothlorien Waybread recipes. Both of those are Cook recipes. Blessed Elf Flour was an ingredient for one or both of these recipes.

    The confusion that you are experiencing is something that you have to get used to. Turbine keeps changing the game. The fan site do not upgrade their documentation to reflect the current state of the game. You will often find old stale information that is no longer valid.

    To keep us on our toes, there are aspects of the game that Turbine hasn't touched since 2007. The guides from almost six years ago are still valid.
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