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    LOTRO Lottery Known Issues

    Updated 7/30/2013

    A word about Lottery Support
    Please do not contact GMs, Tech support, or customer service if you experience an issue with the lottery. They will be unable to assist you with any lottery related issues. Items lost, misdirected or sent to ineligible characters cannot be replaced, restored, or moved to other characters.

    None of my characters are displayed
    If the lottery page shows no characters, you may need to switch to a different subscription. At the top of the page, look to the right of the "Logged in as "; if you see a drop-down arrow there, mouse over it and select the other subscription listed. This will switch you to that subscription and should have your characters listed and allow them to enter any running lotteries they are eligible for.

    Some characters aren’t showing up or are showing up with the wrong level.
    The lottery system relies on data pulled from the game to determine which characters are able to enter a lottery. This data may take some time to update through the lottery system. As a result your character may not be eligible for a lottery despite it being high enough level in game. In some cases, certain characters may not be eligible for the lotteries at all.

    Transferred Characters
    Transferred characters may continue to report their previous world as their current world. If you enter one of these characters into a lottery, you will not receive your winnings.

    Deleted Characters
    Deleted characters may continue to appear on the lottery entry page. If you enter one of these characters into a lottery, you will not receive your winnings.

    Archived Characters
    Characters that have not been logged into the game recently will not appear on your selection screen. These characters cannot enter the lotteries, if you would like to insure that all of your characters are eligible, please log them all in on a regular basis. In some cases Characters will display in your list, but will generate an error when you attempt to enter them into a lottery because they have been Archived. Simply log all your characters in before trying to enter them into the lottery. This will resolve the issue.

    I can't tell if I entered the lottery
    When you click "enter" to enter your selected characters into the lottery the check marks in the boxes will gray out. This is currently the only indication that you have successfully entered the lottery. If they check marks are gray, you're entered.
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