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Discussion: Skills Setups

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    octobre 2010

    Skills Setups

    Can anyone post pictures of their quickslot setups?

    I recently made a Minstrel and want to see how most people place their skills around. If it helps, I plan to do more soloing/dpsing than healing.

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    août 2010
    GMT -5
    This is my setup. I use TonicBars to organize, it is set to automatically hide my WS + Anthemn & Coda when I can't use them. Across the top are drop down quickslots with all my horses, maps, etc. At the left are all my potions and food in more drop downs (These go to the right). As you can see I am a clicker, and don't use shortcuts much. (Hotswap gear items mostly)
    [CENTER][COLOR=#00ff00]R6[/COLOR]-MIN Roscaron - [COLOR=#ffd700]Aragorn's Allies[/COLOR] - Officer
    [COLOR=#ff0000]R6[/COLOR]-DEF [COLOR=#ff0000]R6[/COLOR]-WRG [COLOR=#ff0000]R5[/COLOR]-BA [COLOR=#ff0000]R6[/COLOR]-WL [COLOR=#ff0000]R5[/COLOR]-RVR [COLOR=#ff0000]R5[/COLOR]-WVR - {Dead,Red,Bow,Boss,Blade,Web} meat

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    octobre 2010
    Central Victoria, Australia
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    Here is my basic setup. It's designed for a lefty clicky mouse user, although for my heal skills i use the keyboard. I play on a lappy and raid a bit. Hence they are 1234 etc. The bars are low and the centre of the screen is as clean as I can get it. My vitals and my selection vitals are just above the toolbar so i don't forget to heal myself and can easily access with mouse. I use the buffbars plug in for pots etc but still like to have some spares on the toolbar. Weapon swaps, horses and travel skills down the left. It's pre the update so old mail alerts are visible.

    When i was levelling i had the ballads and anthems on main toolbar 1 and dps on the next but i find this setup is better for me as Per needs to heal more quickly and i'm a non typist so heals get the easy keys! I'm not advocating this set up but you did ask!

    btw keymapping in ui options will give also you some flexibility. eg some people map felowship manoevres to their number keys. Due to my lappy keyboard i find it easier to map fellow members 1-6 to the equivalent number keys. YMMV
    I suggest you check some of the raid thread videos- you'll see lots of variety there!
    all the best and happy experimenting.
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