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    janvier 2007
    Constantly in Motion

    is there anything to reduce the size of crafting panels?

    been gone awhile, and on return see they've increased the size of the crafting panels, and other interface items. personally, i hate it! they are HUGE.

    anything out there to enable me to make them a bit smaller? i'm thinking no, but hoping yes!


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    janvier 2012

    I beleive you can scale then size of the craft panel

    I know you can minimize the craft panel so only the progress bar shows while crafting by simply clicking a box in the craft panel.

    I also believe you can scale the size of the panel by placing your cursor at any edge of the panel and dragging to your desired size. (CAVEAT: I say "believe" because I'm not in game to test this ATM.)

    As stated above, I'm positive you can minimize while crafting though.

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    octobre 2010
    Hamilton, NY
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    Chances are that if the size of multiple panels, not just the crafting panel, that it's most likely because your game resolution is lower than it was before, or your custom UI increases the size. The only one I can remember them increasing themselves was the crafting panel (which you mentioned) but that was quite a while ago.

    If it's not resolution or custom UI, maybe look into a custom UI that will shrink them.
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