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    juin 2010

    Travel Skills and One Virtue

    I have two questions. Is there a website or thread anyone can recommend so that I don't miss any travel skills? I know you dont get all of them from the trainer as I have gotten a few from separate quests. Secondly, am I missing a reason as to why so many people slot determination as a virtue? I realize virtues are personal preference but with all the agility bling and gear does the agility that determination provide really matter? I've seen on many threads that you shouldn't use virtues for your main stat and should focus on ones that offer mitigation and resistance. Is that not the case anymore? I have a habit of inspecting people in game and I am seeing determination a lot on burgs and hunters. Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    février 2013
    As for travel skills you can look here:

    Regarding Determination, the short answer is: it depends on your level. BY end game, no it doesn't give you much benefit when your agility pool will be around 3k anyway. You are far better off traiting mits than another few points in agility. But lower level players see a bigger difference in their damage output with even just a few more points in agility so for a leveling burg/hunter/warden it can help.

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    juin 2011
    Determination is used because it has three stats that are useful in combat. I never use virtues with wasted stats like out of combat regeneration. That is completely pointless. Determination also gives you in combat morale regen and maximum morale. While the agility from this isn't significant, where does that argument end? The agility from stuff like relics and LI titles isn't much either. When you start adding them all up, they do make a difference.

    Most of my virtues are focused on mitigations. There aren't five mitigation based virtues that are worth slotting though.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion. You should use whatever virtues you want. I'm not even sure I have Determination slotted right now. I do use it though.



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