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    juin 2011

    [Open idea] Local festivities

    During last Weatherstock I had an idea I'd like to share. In my homeland, during summer - but also through the whole year - it's quite typical that all towns have a local festivity. In small rural places it usually means some kind of dancing night, and in some places, some weird tradition. "Weird" goes for tomato battles, people swimming, or more barbaric traditions including animals.

    Still, as a concept, I think it could work well in our virtual world. We have many kinships based on local places - the Shire, Bree... -, so it shouldn't be hard to pick some day to create a local festivity. At the very least, it could lead to good roleplaying chances, and also would be a good way to get out of the usual hubs and explore those least explored towns in our maps. How could the local party at Needlehole be? Or at Duillond? What about Gondamon?

    As the base of the idea, I'd suggest local parties to have some sort of open ball, and some sort of local typical contest: a horse race, a foot race, swimming across a river... I'm sure imagination can be quite broad into bringing some brilliant ideas here.

    So, what do you think?
    Kalluin - Elf Guardian - Arandur of [URL=""]Vanimar[/URL] (Laurelin/Landroval)
    Miste - Elf Minstrel - Lady of the Harp at [URL=""]Vanimar[/URL] (Laurelin) and [URL=""]Andúnië[/URL] (Laurelin/Landroval)
    Vestri - Dwarf Champion - Tyalie, the [URL=""]Spanish Tolkien Society[/URL]'s kinship (Laurelin)
    Tarquillan - Human Loremaster - [URL=""]Hispanea[/URL] (Laurelin)

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    septembre 2012
    The great pomaceous concrete jungle
    I could see this being a great deal of fun, and not too hard to organize. Maybe have a few volunteers RP a herald, walking around towns announcing upcoming activities or just letting other players know these types of things exist. I'm not sure how things are organized on Laurelin just yet, but if you want to do any planning and need assistance, I'd gladly help out.

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    juin 2011
    Walstow, Bree Homestead
    Sounds like a good idea, and there is stuff happening on the server of these things quite often. Like the 'Ales and Tales with guest band Andunie last night. (Awesome music).

    Just wanted to put in a word for this years 'Archet Aid Fayre' that are up for the third time around the start of november.
    If ya people got any ideas / suggestions / contribution, please give us an email at or use the comment fields on the site.

    The Durins Folk kinship: Guard Drill from last year:

    Last years full event (obs! 4 hours of playtime with part 1-20 :-) )

    - Grym.
    Leader of 'Order of the Divine Brew' kinship at [EN-RP] Laurelin server.
    Bandleader of 'The Chosen Few' at the [En-RP] Laurelin server.

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    août 2013
    Those kind of local festivities do happen though.
    Like last year our Lord Kandral hosted the Harnkegger Games... I believe a repeat is going to be held soon.

    @Grymrock, going to schedule some time soon to look at this festival again, thanks for posting. Makes me want to give music in Lotro a try



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