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    avril 2007

    Eternal Destiny is always recruiting

    Eternal Destiny is the largest social kin on the server spanning over 10 kinship houses and hundreds of homes and is always recruiting all level of players. We have also completed every raid in the game at level and are continuing to challenge the best of the best instances. With hundreds of crafters to assist outfitting your toons at all levels and the knowledge to help you build the best raiding toon you can or the strongest solo player you can be. Whether grouping is your thing or taking down the biggest baddest bosses in the game Eternal Destiny can help. If game parties are what you are into we can accommodate you there also throwing on average 6 parties a year inviting whoever wants to come on the server. We have officers at all levels to help you with anything you need and generally someone is on around the clock in our kin. Ask for any kin officer in glff or look for any steal____ player in game I have 8 of them for an invite. We don't like drama of any kind and we ask that you be respectful to other players. Eternal Destiny can make your LOTRO experience a whole lot better. Thank you.

    Stealthalion, Stealthalian, Stealbagets, Stealsman, Steallbagins, Stealbagins, Stealthaliun, Stealfast, (look for me in game!!!)

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    mars 2011
    As a member of the Ed I can calm for everything steal has said we do a lot in our kin and have a great people in there.

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    avril 2007
    Eternal Destiny has recruited approximately 50 new players since this post so look us up on Arkenstone, we are still going strong and Helms Deep is just adding to the excitement.


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    juin 2007

    What he said

    Whether you are a casual player with one toon, a crafter, a raider, someone with one of every class, PVPer, MVPer or whatever, there is a place for you in ED with other players who play your style.

    Look for me in game if you have any quesitons:

    Khazid / Brackus



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