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    juin 2013

    Immersionist Role Play and the Auction House

    Hail good Roleplayers of LOTRO, I've got a question for you all. After seeing a fair few Immersionist roleplay threads, events, movements, what-have-you, I've noticed a lot of people often have not using the AH as one of the many restrictions that go along with immersion RP. This seems odd to me as the AH is clearly not just a random mechanic. We have auction houses dedicated to the thing with auctioneers and the like, and even some NPCs actually attending the "auction" in some cases.

    To me, while I don't believe the auction house was ever mentioned in the Professor's works, they clearly exist in the version of the LOTR universe that Turbine has put forth. Therefore not using them seems to be merely a handicap just for the sake of itself.

    Am I missing something here? Is it in fact a massively lore-breaking problem that I've managed to miss? Any response would be most welcome on the matter.

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    août 2012
    The only issues I see is the fact that:

    1. Some see it as a cheap cop-out.
    2. They're all connected, unlike real auction houses which are separate.

    I don't mind avoiding it if the group I'm in has agreed not to use it, but if I'm solo-immersion-ing I'll use it to sell my stuff and buy things that just aren't dropping for me. Just my 2 coppers.

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    août 2011
    I think the big objection for some roleplayers to the Auction House is that items can be posted in, say, Rohan, and be bid on by somebody in Bree seconds later. The idea of the auction house per se is not Lore-breaking, just the way the in-game one works.

    Personally, I do not keep my roleplay characters in-character at all times, so I have no problem with using the Auction House. However, some people spend their entire time on LotRO roleplaying, so they try to avoid things that simply could not happen in Middle Earth.
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