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Discussion: Looking for a kinship

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    mars 2012
    New Jersey, USA

    Red face Looking for a kinship

    Im new to Brandywine and I wanna meet new people, I'm looking for an ACTIVE kin, at least 10 active members. U.S.A recommended but not required, must also have a Vent that is used on a daily basis.

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    juin 2009
    If you have not already found a good kin, you can always look up Roxxi Manor. Roxxi Manor is a med-large kin with 20+ players during peak hours. We have vent which is used daily. You can check us out on our webpage at Good luck and Happy Hunting!!!

    Co-Founder of Roxxi Manor on the Brandywine Server. For more information on our kin, please visit
    Nykea, Nykeaborn, Nykeabur, Nykeadal, Nykeala, Nykealuv, Nykealyn, Nykeamynx, Nykeanor, Nykearoxx, Nykeasea, Nykeathyn, Nykeatte, Nykeavaldis, Nykeawen and Nykeawyn



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