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    juin 2011

    BuffBars stop working after rename

    I've got a problem with BuffBars plugin. I've recently renamed my character and BuffBars stopped working on that toon. I auto load plugins when logging in, using the "manage plugins" option in character menu. I've also tried loading BuffBars manually, but it says, it's "unable to load BuffBars". All other plugins I'm using work fine on renamed character and BuffBars works fine on all my other characters. So far I've only tried reinstalling BuffBars, but it didn't solve the issue. I'm also thinking about wiping everything from my hard drive and doing fresh LOTRO and plugins install, but that's a bit drastic move Would like to avoid it, so maybe you guys could advise me a better solution? Anyone experienced such issue?
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    janvier 2007
    Re-installing the game and/or wiping your hard drive is overkill - like blowing up your house because the doorbell is too loud. The problem is likely with your plugin data folder. Buffbars and a lot of other plugins (by necessity) are character specific.

    It sounds like the plugin is loading, but there's no data for the "new" character. That could explain why it is giving you the loading error message. You might try this:

    After logging in, try the chat command /buffbars options, just to be sure the plugin is loading. If it is, exit the game, open the plugin data folder (documents > the lord of the rings online> plugin data > username > server > old character name > BuffBars.Settings.plugindata. Back up the file just in case. Open the file, find/replace old character name with new character name. Save and copy that file into the folder with your new character's name, overwriting the more or less empty version in the new character's folder. That should copy all the settings over to the new character.



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