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    octobre 2010
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    Suggestion: Courageous Speech

    Note: Only one speech can be active at a time.

    Courageous Speech
    +5% Maximum Power

    Works just like the Morale one, except for power.

    Thoughts? Additions? Please share.

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    septembre 2010
    Watertown, MA
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    Interesting idea, but the weird thing about power is that, unless costs are high as a portion of your pool, increasing your power regeneration will be just as -- or more -- effective than increasing the total power pool.

    To sort of explain that a bit:

    From full power to whatever the cost of your most "expensive" skill is, you're operating at 100% effectiveness. Below that threshold, you still have a lot of other skills to use. In fact, your most expensive skill might be one that you almost never use, meaning you can easily operate at high effectiveness even below that threshold.

    More importantly, hitting zero power is not a loss condition. You can hit zero power and still win the fight. In fact, if you drop to zero power, you simply need to regenerate enough power to cross that "most expensive" threshold in order to restore 100% effectiveness. Power costs are low enough in general that often only a single blue pot can bring you back across that threshold.

    And now let's look at the actual game. I think it's safe to say a round estimate for most class power pools post-U10 is 5k power. 5% of that is 250 power. Placing a Standard of Victory will give that much power to the fellowship as it is... but nobody uses it! Why? Because of the analysis above. Increasing your power pool is simply not worth that much.
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    janvier 2009
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    not a bad idea, but i dont see it getting much use.

    morale is too important.

    also, how to say this... power needs to be managed, per player, unlike morale. skills that FEED power are better than increasing our initial pool of power. +10% power would be 1-2 extra skills i could use, without managment. +10% morale can save wipes, especially fights where bosses open with huge hits.

    maybe a few specific encounters would make use of this skill... however, keep in mind, they are trying to remove skills these days, not add them.
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