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    juillet 2012

    Feedback on Sindarin name?

    Hello everyone,

    I hope to get some questions answered here. So I've been doing some reading, and found out about the naming conventions among the elves (as listed here and here). Assuming this is correct, I selected three names (Father-name, Mother-name/Chosen-name, and Epessë) to fulfil this criteria.

    Eglaniel Lingened Tangril

    Eglaniel - Daughter of Forsaken One (eglan+iel)
    Lingened - Clear Sight (lim+cened)
    Tangril - Bow String Song (tang+glir)

    Now, my question is, are these names created correctly? Do they sound believable? Does the whole title sound believable? Any ideas to phrase things better/improve the name?

    Any tips would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

    Edit: the first name, Eglaniel, I selected when first rolling a character in LOTRO. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to work it into my character's bio - I was thinking perhaps the father would have died at the beginning of the War of Elves & Sauron in SA 1693, Eglaniel not having met him and therefore receiving the name she did from her mother, does this sound plausible or is it too much of a stretch? Any other ideas?
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    janvier 2011
    Ohio River valley
    The problem with Eglan is that it has a specific cultural connotation beyond the literal, referring specifically to Telerin elves of the original Great Journey who reached Beleriand but did not make the floating-island journey to Aman, specifically those who remained on the shore, the Falathrim, Círdan's folk of Eglarest and Brithombar. If you want to use it as a character name, figure out why your elf would be distinguished as a daughter of a First Age Elf of the Falas.

    Lim- and Lin- are not interchangeable elements. Limgened would be what you were trying to create, but as adjectives more typically follow the noun they are modifying, Cenedlim would be more correct.

    You also have mangled the second syllable in your third name. Tanglir, not Tangril. (G)ril seems not to be a meaningful syllable in Sindarin.

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    juillet 2012
    Thank you, that's very helpful.

    The translations aren't mine, they're taken from various dictionaries, etc. I couldn't even begin to do so at this stage, so I suspected there may be something incorrect about them.

    As for Eglaniel, I'd change the name, but I don't want to spend the TP just yet, so I'll make do. I probably ought to reread Silmarillion for some ideas.



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