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Discussion: 1v1s?

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    février 2009


    Hey Firefoot, anyone creeps wanna 1v1? Any CDs are allowed, must be R9+, and I need consent to post the fight on youtube.....lemme know in a mail or tell so we can set up time and place.

    World first R15 Warden

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    juillet 2010
    For any greenies out there, heres some info before you may be duped into accepting his challenge:

    1. He's the worlds first farmed rank 15 Warden.
    2. Even if you could beat the worlds first farmed Rank 15 Warden, he has a history of logging out in combat. So you would lose anyway.
    3. He will likely charge you gold for the pleasure of "sparring" him and then of him posting his glorious victory over you. Also, see point No.2 above. You would lose the bet because you didn't beat him.
    4. Its just a game, as he is fond of saying, so why does he want to post it on Youtube! The ego has landed.
    5 Hes a Warden.

    Have fun peeps.
    Rank 12 Warleader, Flaprat Rank 11 Reaver, various other ones i'm useless at...

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    avril 2007
    Not to come to his defence but he did say rank 9 +.He's not looking for greenies
    But Feic has a point. Don't feed his ego.

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    février 2009


    Im just looking for some fun, R9 or higher creep and a fight to the death........... just some good old fashion 1v1s

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    novembre 2011
    Rofl. Good ol' Firefoot.



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