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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2010

    Farewell - This time for good. edit: nevermind

    Well, once again, failed to leave this game.

    I'll have limited time to play but i can't back off completely. Oh well.
    Dernière modification par KrauserJoestar ; 14/07/2013 à 06h52.

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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2010
    Bye Kraum! Enjoy life in the real world!

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    Date d'inscription
    mars 2011
    CT, USA
    Yeah when the game starts to be more frustrating and anger provoking rather than relaxing and enjoyable its a good idea to quit or to take a very long break.
    Good luck with your life Kraumur, enjoy it, realize the beauty life has to offer.


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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2010
    Are you sure you are never coming back Kraum? Well anyhow I wish you all the best in your life. I have played this game since the server started and you sure are one of the top and most respected players on my list. A great leader, great player and great person. Hope to see you back at some point. Will sure be missed. Farewell my friend.

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    Date d'inscription
    novembre 2010
    I'll miss you Kraum, enjoy your non lotro future!

    <3 He
    Herat - Warleader
    Warz - Captain
    He - Guardian

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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2010
    Someone in glff pointed me here. Shame to see you leaving Kraum, right when I got back to playing too, after having stopped for so long. Not sure if you still remember me, but I do recall you used to have the best taste in music and speak native portuguese which was good for a change. Seems like everyone in the Kinship who mattered is gone or stopped playing... (Marv, Gam, Bombi, Ith, Lith, the list goes on...) Oh well I hope you have fun in your projects in real life, if we ever do run across each other again, there's more bands we need to swap. Take care!

    - Lunilaeter.

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    Date d'inscription
    juillet 2013
    Nuuuuuu kraumbrolo. I was just about to come back to the kin, but then I got banned :/. Gunna miss all the fun raids like when everyone would always dc from their fail toasters. And when u had to gimme lead cuz u couldn't setup a target assist, and then I would /raidshout making fun of ur beautiful accent. And when I would always farm ur lm in spars. Oh well, guess its like u said. Everything does sooner or later come to an end. Gunna miss u kraum, the times were fun....while they lasted. I hope all goes well in the future for u. LONG. LIVE. KRAUM.

    ~Brom<insert name that involves calling me a failure even tho I farm u all. I'm the best cappy on server. No qq.
    Haters gunna hate

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    Date d'inscription
    avril 2012
    Citation Envoyé par Bromterd Voir le message
    Gunna miss all the fun raids like when everyone would always dc from their fail toasters. \
    LOL that was you...

    Going to miss you leading raids in ceaseless, and gamasammich. Have fun with real life



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