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    janvier 2013

    looking like the lossoth

    i wanted my champion to look like a lossoth, and have the lossoth kin title.
    but, i can't find any armour that looks like the normal lossoth men.
    i checked armour guide, and the appearance of the crafted armours i can buy from rep vendors don't look like the lossoth NPCs at all, not the light, not the medium and not the heavy armour.
    the lossoth rewards vendor sell only cloacks.
    anyone know of cosmetics or armour that look like the lossoth NPCs?
    here is the lossoth NPC kinds-
    there is this one, which i like less but would still like to have:

    here is the one i like the most:

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    mai 2011
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    I can't offer you a straightforward solution, but I would suggest taking a peep at the various LOTRO cosmetic blogs.

    I am pretty sure they'll have Lossoth inspired outfits on display. The Lossoth faction is indeed liked by many players.

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    mars 2007
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    The Mammutti Armour is the closest to the second screenshot as I've seen.

    I would check the cosmetic sites as suggested. You never know what someone else may have found.

    Here's a good place to start with links to other sites...
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    janvier 2013
    thanks, but i searched google and founsd nothing, any ideas where to search?
    the mammuti aromur can look close if dyed, maby, i'll try. thanks.

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    juillet 2013
    Hey, just wanted to say I've been having a similar problem. I would like to be able to keep my character looking more like the actual lossoth, and Vamma's armour is especially great. But it's hard to find anything that comes close. I've found a few outfits that are just rough furs and hides that fit the idea but not the same.

    If you come up with some great ideas, I would also love to hear about it.



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