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    Hytbold Armor Set Question

    Was checking the set bonuses for the Hytbold set, and I wanted to know if there was any reason not to mix armors from each set.

    I'm thinking of running a 4:2 set of four bowmaster and two huntsman pieces. This would give me +5% Crit Multiplier, -3 Sec Swift Bow Cool Down, and -10% Induction.

    All the pieces have the same stats, otherwise, so I"m assuming there's no reason not to do this, but I wanted to make sure as I've already bought three pieces of the bowmaster set and one of the huntsman set but figured I'd check before I wasted too many tokens.
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    This is exactly what I am doing for my hunter. Following the Hytbold Hunter Plan you can get 6 pieces (3h/3b) with only Ally rep with the factions. I opted NOT to get the Huntsman Helm but went the long route of finishing off Kindred rep with Sutcrofts and ponying up the extra tokens to fix the Sutcroft house, to get the Bowmaster Helm. Now I enjoy both the Bowmaster bonuses plus the 2-piece Huntsman bonus.

    I have more questions though. How to fill out the rest of your kit (bowmaster hunter).

    For cloak I made the one-shot recipe cloak from the Quatermaster's (did not crit but the crit is not all that superior). Dexterous Cloak of the Mark.

    What jewelry should I try to get? I am still using a hodge-podge of quest items and crafted.

    Currently using a 2A bow and a 3A sword (2A for the hunter main hand is not that critical).

    Using quest reward 2A bridle.
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    Personally, I went with 4 huntsman and used 2 Horse lords pieces. Though I would have gone 4 huntsman,2bowmaster. I found it to have better dps output in general. Plus the reduced blood arrow cooldown helps with power. Also,thinking of the long run,you will want erebor sets and -1 focus on BA/PS plus the reduced BA cd is nice. I used bowmaster 2 piece set for aoeing swap but stayed huntsman.

    For cloak,you can try to get dextrous eomer cloak, try your luck with hunter gold cloak. The drape of invading isnt too bad and reclaimed battlefield cloak is also good.
    For the rest of jewelries, the grind for gold rohan rings is def worth It,doesnt take too long. I think you can get like 60 some tokens per day?not sure off the top of my head.teal.former residents ring from dungeons is still used by alot of people,or conflict resolution from skraids.

    earrings, the crafted wildermore ones are pretty good. Can grab 2 of those as you hunt for teal/gold fornost earrings. Bg also drops prudence but thats bothersome. Shadowstalker is also still good. Necklace,sunbrand recipes or wildermore teal neck are both good. Bracers,teal relic robbers from annuminas or the wildermore rep ones. Only bested by critted HLs.

    For pocket, I would say try your luck in GB. I use the teal pocket on burg till I get gold, or the golden pocket from wildermore is also a good one if u dont have hunter token.
    lots of options, its just a matter of how much effort you are willing to put up.

    Hope this helped somewhat, goodluck!
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    EDIT: I cannot remember all of the available gear. Just because I didn't mention does (may) not mean it's not good.

    Carrying on...

    • Armour:
      • Before they messed with fate, I went for 4 Bowmaster 2 Huntsman. Now that fate sucks again, 4 Huntsman 2 Bowmaster seems better since either bonus gives you a DPS boost anyway and using Blood Arrow more often reduces your power loss.
      • Once you've done Erebor t1 deed, I highly recommend anyone using Fleetness to get the Erebor Huntsman 2-set bonus. I also have 2 pieces of Erebor Bowmaster (bought it accidentally, but I keep it anyway) for Burn Hot swap.
      • I run with 2 Erebor Huntsman/2 Precision (Ettenmoors)/2 Hytbold Bowmaster (considered Huntsman, but too lazy to get them). If I could, I'd get rid of Hytbold and use 4 pieces of Greater Erebor Huntsman. Eat up all dem mitigations with Penetrating Shot
      • Any agility cloaks dropped from instances seem to be alright (so GB, IP, Dale, Erebor); crafted Éomer's is also good; don't use Borememor- er, Wildermore.
      • Gold (class/HL) gear: I prefer my set bonuses, but it's up to you. ("you don't like them only b/c you don't have them, noob mildford!")

    • Jewellery (another of my 2c; backing up what was mentioned above):
    • Rings
      • Rohan gold rings
        • Agility, critical, HoT if you found another piece of gear granting agility/critical proc chance, Former Resident's Ring is also decent).
        • You can get 86 + 25 (Hytbold) + 9 (Hytbold crafting dailies) = 120 tokens per day. If you have the patience anyway.

    • Earrings
      • Fornost earrings. Good luck getting them but they are really good.
        • Earring of the Dead Force (Fornost Fire; gives more PM),
        • Elder Arthedain's Stud (Fornost Water; gives less PM but has crit chance proc),
        • Earring of the Fornost Hunter, (upgraded version of Elder Arthedain's Stud).
      • Etched Acidic Flame Earring (Gorothúl) doesn't look appealing.
      • Prudence (BG Twins) and Shadowstalker's Stud (Bree skraids) are decent but nobody seems to run them anymore.

    • Pocket
      • On average you should have more luck getting the GB gold pocket (at least GB has a normal drop rate for gear, and you get Sambrog runs every day).
      • Wildermore one if you took the grinding challenge.
      • There are also several decent pockets from other instances. I can remember the Key from GB:Thadúr, some Eggs (Haudh Valandil and maybe OD), a Figurine from Flight. There's always Éomer's if you can't get any of them.

    • Necklace
      • One-shot necklaces if you can get them. Wildermore grind necklace is quite good.
      • The one from School (or Library, I can never remember which one is which) is also decent.

    • Bracelets
      • Get Relic-robber's Bracelets.
      • Wildermore grind ones are slightly better (but again, you have to grind... more).
      • Resolute Explorer's Bracelet from IotF is also nice for the agility proc.
      • I'm not a big fan of the Honorable Hunter's Bangle (but I guess it's just because the +2% Strength Stance QS slow is wasted).

    • Crafted Wildermore jewellery are also decent IMO. Of course, if you get (gold) HL jewellery, use them.
    • Again, lots of choices, it all depends on you (Stack crit? Stack agility?). Mix and match with stuff and see which combination suits you best.
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