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    septembre 2010

    Tips and Tricks for the moors hunter

    I think the title's pretty self explanatory, try not to QQ. Just share your knowledge of the moors and the little things you do to be a better player.

    Oh and if anyone wants to post an ideal gearing for a moors hunter just beginning in the moors (no PvMP gear of course) that'd be great
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    juin 2011
    GV Stairs
    Tips for group play:

    Slow/snare the rat.
    Stay inside the ball.
    When moving never be the last, slackers are warg food.
    Follow the rat.
    Follow the rat.
    Follow the rat.
    Follow the rat.
    Follow the rat.
    Follow the rat.
    Follow the rat.
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    cool thread !!! one thing u can work on that i had to practice key-turning your hunter cause swift bow is such a long induction if u know a reaver is coming at u at that angle turn with him to finish off swift bow

    timing your stuns/roots and brands are huge to for hunter ...try to out think your opponent they are usually predictable based on skill and rank
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    décembre 2011
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    1.Mouse turn
    2.Gear Swap

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    juillet 2011
    If your planning to do a bit of solo play don't just go all out dps, stack some mitigations/crit defense/morale.

    Make sure you use keys for skills and mouse turn, it's way better for a Hunter and makes pulling of introductions easier.

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    juin 2008
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    The most popular - warg vs hunter.

    Do not be that hunter that when you get stunned you flip out and immediately fear root and mez all at the time breaking your own cc and wasting time and useful cc skills.

    Calmly hit your stun pot and while stunned use a morale pot for compensate morale lost during out time. I learned in the moors winning a fight is not about the start it is about the finish. Plowing into someone with penshots only to have no focus when they have 3-4k left is not effective. Space your skills. Start with a penshot and then dazing blowand gain some ground then turn around and swiftbow to regain full focus and ground. 2 more penshots as he runs in the you can fear and run through with 1 or 2 more penshots. Also effective during the mentioned run through times is scourging blow so you can easily apply barbed arrow. Try and end the fight with a big swift bow or mercshot cause 99% of wargs will hips on you.

    I could go on for hours but there is one little thing to think about. Cheers.
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    juin 2012
    when grouped i use t2 raid armour for the better benifits than using the moors armour this gives me insane dps when grouped which also means when solo wargs generally avoid me unless grouped due to knowing i can blow them up in seconds if they try.

    trying to keep ur focus up high is a must so u can be ready to unless shots at any moment ( 5blue 2 red is how i trait) before mounting i always hit improved fleetness so i lose now focus at all till i dismount and hit it again entering a fight.

    the proberly only op part of this set up is instant cast hs's u may not use it much in the moors but combining it with burn hot focus pot and some luck and u will see 18k hits being done without them geting any warning of it ( killing most classes in one hit).

    solo play i will use 4 bits of moors with the hs reset t2 armour sat on my bar for odd chances i get to hotswop into it and ran death. jewlery is kinda down to personal preferances i have alot i hotswop around earings rings necklaces bracelets i change all of them for diferent things for damage or for exstra mitts and health ( pure damage build around 9k moral mitts build around 14k moral)



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