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    novembre 2012

    Just started playing and looking for an Aus/NZ kinship

    Hi guys,

    I recently started playing this game and am looking for a kinship with people playing at Aussie est time zone. Enjoying the depth of this game and am playing a Rune Keeper lvl 27 currently. Would be good to find a bunch of guys to play with. Lots to learn about this game so I would be asking lots of questions lol


    PS Is there a server chat channel? Seems like there is hardly anyone on the server.

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    décembre 2010
    Brisbane AU
    Which server are you on?

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    juin 2012
    New Zealand
    I started on this server being a NZ player but I found the lower level areas pretty dead as far as other players. So I moved to Laurelin which is very active during my play times (9:30 - 11:30 NZ time)

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    septembre 2010
    2 005
    Welcome! Elendilmir is the unofficial Aussie/Kiwi server so you shouldn't have trouble finding people.

    The global chat channel is called glff (global looking for fellowship). Type "/joinchannel glff" to activate it and then "/1 whatever" to talk. When the waves of not-even-remotely-game-related chat knock you out, "/leavechannel glff" is there to help. Most folks are working on end-game stuff, but there may be a few willing to help out with lower level things.

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    septembre 2011
    Hi Recon,

    Welcome to LOTRO.

    It can be tough finding groups when starting out. I had the same trouble myself (and still do).

    I'd recommend against swapping servers, tried that and had the same issues as most of the player base is already connected and tend to be at or around level cap. Those running alts tend to have been there and done that and level through quite quickly. And being Aussie and in the off timezone just makes things trickier.

    If your interested my kin is looking to add to our Aussie numbers. (its just me and a couple of other guys at the moment I'm afraid, with the rest are in the US but we are actively recruiting). If you can play through the day on weekends you do see the US guys however.

    We are happy to help out with crafting and any ingame questions and I have a few alts in the 20s and 30s if you need some help.

    If your interested send me (Tyranos) a tell in-game or mail if I'm not around. I'm on most nights from around 8pm ish Or you can forum message me here if you prefer.

    Happy hunting.



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