It's been a long time since we've heard any news or received any communication from Narrel concerning the Lua APIs. The last forum post was over eight months ago, on Oct 15th 2012 (post). Just wondering if we can expect any new APIs with Helms Deep? I know it's not 'officially' supported by Turbine, but the more APIs available, the more plugin authors can contribute to the game - which is a good thing

While raising the topic of communication, I have a little rant to share (sorry).

It really would be nice to see more dev interaction. There's a lot of posts with queries, suggestions, and feedback, it would be great to have posts confirming acknowledgement etc. The author community is fractional compared to the rest of the forum community, but we do add to the gaming experience of people playing LotRO. I just wish this could be recognised by the few devs involved - after all, they work so hard to develop the APIs for us to use in the first place.