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    novembre 2008

    new to the burglar arts

    greetings.. my question is what are good legacies to use on a weapon and the bag...
    is there a rotation that will benefit me as well... im level 75
    please no acronym stuff because im clueless on it . sorry for the newby question.i tried watchin youtube but I don't understand all the ss des and all that other stuff.

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    octobre 2011
    I'll bite. not wanting to come off as snide but it kind of makes me curious what you've been doing for 75 levels. what your skills do/are and a solid rotation is something that should have been figured out awhile ago. Are you wanting to blow things up really quick or do you want them to bleed to death?

    critical response skill damage
    subtle stab damage multiplier
    subtle stab critical(this is optional but you're going to be using this skill alot)
    positional surprise strike
    feint attack cooldown(if quiet knife)
    lucky strike cooldown(if gambler)
    quite a snag(if mischief)

    mischievous glee healing
    glee pulses(this is optional and many burglars feel differently about it but I loved this legacy)
    addle induction multiplier
    skills critical multiplier
    addle cooldown
    positional damage

    you have other legacies left that you can choose, what else you want is up to you but like I said, you should already have had a plan as to what you were doing and how you wanted to build your character.

    a familar rotation is location is everything, surprise strike/cunning attack (from stealth), counter defense, critical chain-burglars advantage, double edged strike, aim, generally flashing blades should follow this and if thats what you use, use addle to interrupt the animation, exposed throat could also be used here, then you could pop a trick, use feint attack and go through your critical skills again. I used subtle stab inbetween burglars advantage and double edged strike.

    hope this helps
    -Retired- 5/19/2013


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    novembre 2008
    i got used to the bleed effect dps at level 60 and notice the decline on dps even with positional damage for me .. im ok for cc stuff but my dps sucks so my rotation was ss cunning wound burglars advantage double edge then well place strike ...i don't do much cc when i hit 75 because i didn't have isen back then.thanks was wondering what i was doing wrong.

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    juillet 2011
    In my humble opinion, I don't think that it's a good idea to ask other players what legacies to use without asking them why they use it, because they all have different styles which are maybe not yours.
    The goal here is not that someone tells you what to do, but to understand what YOU need.
    The first step for that is to make a clear distinction between solo PVE, group PVE, and PVP, for they play totally different !
    The second step is that YOU study your skills, all of them, and then all of your class traits. When you have choosen a sytle you like most (basically the red, yellow or blue line, but it can be more subtle than that), then you will know naturally which legacies are good for you. No one can do this work for you. You must study, try and experiment.
    I know that it's not the answer you were awaiting, but it's the only honest one i can give you.

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    septembre 2011
    AFK in Dol Amroth
    Taogan has a good point,understanding the class in general will not just boost your dps,but everything else the class has to offer. I spent alot of time reading and experimenting with skills/traits/legacies as I leveled and that helped alot.

    Though at level cap,most burgs will be running QK because its the most straighforward. Qk burgs pretty much use the same legacies. Varyinf only if they pvp or not. Theres that generic rotation that alot of burgs use and its really efficient. But maybe you dont feel comfortable using it, just hang around training dummies and play around till you find one that satisfies you.Im no kalyna,but Its not too hard to be a decent burg once you get the hang of it. Anyway, goodluck.
    Fellowship Hadacar: I now have a mental image of a little pea with a NE Patriot's logo painted on it.
    Professional AFKer.



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