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    Date d'inscription
    mars 2007
    Orlando, FL

    First age token, use for tool or dagger?

    Finally got enough for a first ager, should I use it for a tool or weapon? Likely wont get another one so which one would be more beneficial?

    Thanks for the input!

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    Depens if you want a major increase in your dps or a minor increase in your incoming healing.
    Naius - Burglar of Withywindle

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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2011
    AFK in Dol Amroth
    Id go with weapon first. Specially if you already have.a good SA bag.
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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2007
    Oregon, USA
    1 972
    Weapon. Do it
    Rhae | Veni Vidi Vici | Terminus Venatus Triumphus | Shock And Awe
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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    2 104
    Definitely weapon. Stab, likle hobbit, stab.
    105s: Aedfrith (HN), Aldnoth (CP), Brai (RK), Hrolfdan (MN), Aeldfryd (WD), Morriarty (CH), Aednoth (LM), Mishhar (BR), Hraldan (GR), Rummbold (BG). Tinies - Rumbelina (MN), Aenghus (CP)
    Rangers of Eriador (officer), ex-Snowbourn now Laurelin - A Noob for All Seasons

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    1 023
    Go for the dagger. The tools only add some incoming heal, since you can max all legacies on a SA anyway.
    Dobb - Hobbit Burglar
    Thar - Dwarf Guardian
    R.I.P [DE]Anduin
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