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Discussion: Hobbit RP

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    novembre 2012
    The Shire

    Red face Hobbit RP

    Hey, it's Soarel "the baby burg". I'm on Crickhollow, a server with an unusually large population of hobbits.

    Does anyone have ideas or locations for hobbit RP? How do I attract people to my Hobbit RP session?

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    janvier 2013
    I have a hobbit, and I also roleplay. I had no idea that someone had meetings? When is it? and where is it? I suggest to keep it in the shire, try the green dragon! Maybe have it every Friday night at 9:00 Eastern time zone, or what ever time zone you are in.

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    septembre 2010
    Have you considered making a hobbit on the Laurelin RP server to cater to your desire to do some RPing, a viable alternative to CH which from what I've seen has a low pop RP community ?

    When Idecide to RP i usually go to where others are doing the same to avoid the trolls( the player type)

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    mai 2012
    There's a good kinship in Crickhollow you may like called Second Breakfast.

    They have Elevensies every Sunday at 11am EST and the Bread and Jam Session every Friday at 8 or 9pm EST (forget which). These guys are a lot of fun, and enjoy good hobbity RP.



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