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    ehhh, thats really only two or three freep classes that will see a major impact. I thought you were suggesting overall healing capacities were going to be limited in some way, which is a far bigger issue (much as everyone loves to hate on shield wardens, WL stacking LMs, and Healspamming minis in WS).
    This might bring solo balance, but if nothing happens to the LM+Heal RK+Cappy combo Freeps will remain OP

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    I am quite happy with where my BA is at the moment although I do like the look of this ICH debuff that people are suggesting- BUT why not just add that onto the current Revenge attack. With most freeps at roughly ~10k health anyway revenge relies on a high crit to finish them in one. I would like to see I slightly shorter induction/CD on set trap, it is a nice skill but not one I am likely to pop mid fight as I can do more dps in the induction than the skill is worth.

    I also like the sound of a poison damage DoT to stack with fire arrow, we really need another skill to fit into our rotations because as some have mentioned it reaches a point where about 30 secs into a fight your scrabbling for skills firing off screaming shafts/strong pull.

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