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    mars 2012

    Tom Cruise with Balls on His Head.

    Just a test. My comments in the "Nimrodel" thread were "cleaned up". I know they were edgy and all ("Team Milt disbanded"!!!!!!OMG/DELETE/DELETE/DELETE) so I just wanted to see what the limits really are. It seems Tom Cruise with balls on his head is allowable so I'm using that as a starting point to finally learn why Sapience hates my posts. So here goes.

    Tom Cruise with balls on his head.

    If this survives, I'll try to push the limits with something else that fits into the forum post template.

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    décembre 2012

    trust me these boards are dead, almost none of the people i want to make fun of even use them so it's painfully pointless
    "death is nothing to us, for when we are.. death has not come. And when death has finally come, we are not"
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    mars 2010

    Thats a giant brain milt! Haven't you ever seen Mars Attacks??

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    mars 2008
    4 457
    Well, it will get "adjusted" for another reason, Milt, and you will most likely get mail like I did. The powers that be don't read what they are not alerted too.
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