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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011

    JRR Azure Glass UI skin

    JRR Azure Glass is a standalone complete UI skin, based on the previous releases of the Azure Glass skin.

    It let you now choose between 7 different toolbars !
    Dernière modification par Adraenalin ; 23/08/2013 à 21h55.

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    JRR Azure Glass V.4.10 August 22 2013

    - Vital bars : Player and opponent vital bars no more have the default 1 pixel shift between heath and power bars.
    - Auction house : Moved the "unlock slots" button to the bottom left of the panel.
    - Wardens : Some profiles didn't had the custom gambit, this is now fixed.
    - Turned back ON the store button on the wallet panel.
    - "_JRR Azure Glass *Basic*" toolbar can now easier be located at the right of the screen, some other parts of the code have also been slightly enhanced.
    - "_JRR Azure Glass 1x1 BGM" toolbar has been modified to easily allow locating it at the left or at the right of the screen. The values required to center this toolbar have changed.
    - "_JRR Azure Glass 1x1"toolbar has been re-designed, I cross fingers you will prefer the new one :

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    JRR Azure Glass V.4.15 is released

    - Customized the menu buttons "mail" and "collections".
    - Player and opponent vip and anniversary vital bars have been changed / added.
    - Let celebrate the women who play lotro (and everyone who like fushia color), the Azure Glass VIP player portrait is now dedicated to all of them
    - Anniversary vital portraits are now ready to display until the 9th !
    - Legendary items placed in 8th and 9 th slot of the legendary items panel had their icon grey, this is now fixed.
    - In quest log panel, a button called "add slots" has "recently" been added, and it was not well located in JRR skins, this is now fixed.



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