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Discussion: Rip my build/strat

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    juin 2007

    Rip my build/strat


    I'm not a min/maxer or a /humps phat l00tz player, and I abhor raids of all forms in MMO's. This is a small group-centric build and strat mainly for assisting the tank. If you see any blaring problems with this strategy, just let me know so I can reassess.

    It's primarily a Debuff/DoT build.

    It's Gambler traited to get Gambler's Strike to max either the debuff from Diversion applied at the beginning of the fight or to add a DoT. The remaining two traits are Spatial Sense and Cunning Wound. My LI's have max cooldown on WPS, Lucky Strike, and Addle.

    Big fights
    Stealth --> Reveal Weakness --> Diversion --> Well-Placed Strike --> Dust in the Eyes or Disable --> Subtle Stab --> Burglar's Advantage --> Cunning Attack --> Double-Edged Strike --> Gambler's Strike --> Addle --> Flashing Blades

    If the debuff Gamble is a high tier I'll replace the first Gambler's Strike with Surprise Strike and add Gambler's Strike later in the chain to maximize the length of time the debuff is present. If WPS or Gambler's Strike are on cooldown, I'll replace them with CA to stack. If power permits, I'll always try to Addle Flashing Blades or Gambler's Strike.

    Obviously a lot of fights don't allow beginning with Stealth (though HIPS and Ready and Able allow some flexibility). So in hectic fast-paced fighting I will rely a lot more on CA and the Gambler's Strike DoT (or Starting twist dot) to do damage that augments the crit chain line. I can even use WPS as long as the 3s induction is not slowing me down.

    I know it's a bit unconventional and that I'm trying to mash together the CA/WPS dots from QK with the debuffing/dot of the Gambler, but I like unconventionality.

    Anyway, fire away. Thanks.
    - Rheece Flamelocks, [I]Burglar[/i]
    - Draxia, [i]Captain[/I]

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    février 2011
    I don't believe Well Placed Strike gets a from-stealth bonus, so you might be better of opening with Cunning Attack from stealth instead of Well Placed Strike. You should have a look at how much damage Well Placed Strike does, because it may not be worth using at all considering the very long induction.

    Also you use Addle to interrupt Gambler's Strike. I think you will save more time by using it with Flashing Blades, which is a very slow skill.

    You also use Burglar's Advantage after Subtle Stab and Double-edged Strike after Cunning Attack. You will want to switch those two around. Subtle Stab has a very long delay after it and that's a perfect time to using Double-edged Strike which has a correspondingly long animation.

    Try something like:

    Cunning Attack (from stealth)
    Burglar's Advantage

    Subtle Stab
    Double-edged Strike

    Flashing Blades

    and look at the speed it executes with. It should be faster than the order you had. You can insert Gambler's Strike in any of the blank spaces, after Burglar's Advatage, after Double-edged Strike or after Addle. If you want to help the tank, you could alternate between Cunning Attack and Provoke. During your normal rotation you can use also Mischievous Delight between Cunning Attack and Disable to restore power. That's also where I would use Startling Twist, since they are both fast skills. If you need to riddle targets I would use Riddle after Burglar's Advantage, after Double-edged Strike or after Addle, since Riddle is not a fast skill.
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    There is no point in going well placed strike from stealth, it gives no stealth hit benefit. As the previous poster noted, you will have better luck going with cunning attack or surprise strike from stealth.

    I also recommend you take well placed strike off your skill bar entirely, at least until you can train yourself to not use it. It really is quite a terrible skill

    The biggest thing you have to remember when dpsing on any class, burg in particular, is to chain MELEE skills with FAST MELEE skills

    If you highlight the skill, on the top left it will tell you what kind of skill it is, this is where you will see FAST or MELEE.

    So Surprise strike, burglars advantage, feint attack, double edge strike, aim flashing blades addle, essentially rinse repeat, working in all the useful skills in your arsenal, while making sure you chain MELEE skill followed by FAST MELEE skill, don't forget to put up your counter defense trick for dps.

    If you don't have the unseen set bonus, you should probably take surprise strike out of your rotation all together, it's a pretty stupid skill if not for the buff it provides, go cunning attack instead, and replace surprise strike with something else whenever you can, its animation is long, and it's benefit to your rotation without the unseen set is minimal.

    (when Improved Feint Attack is on cooldown, replace it with Subtle Stab, Burglar's advantage/subtle stab/double edge strike/Aim/Flashing Blades/Addle, will give you amazingly fast burst dps that you wouldn't believe until you try it.
    Manbeorpig 100 Beorning, Brandywine.



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