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    mars 2008

    Arkenstone leaderboards!!!!

    Dear Turbine,

    As a valued monthly sub VIP, I have payed you money a total of 51 times. Times that by $15 dollars and you end up with $714 dollars from my bank to yours alone. So I ask you to please value my request when I ask this of you. It is officially the only thing I have ever publically asked for. Please fix the Arkenstone Leaderboards. Please!

    Thank you,


    Some Uruks rank so slow it would impress the Ents themselves.

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    septembre 2008
    1 838
    You'll be happy to know you won't have to worry about the leaderboards being down since they've announced they're removing them.
    Rank 14 Minstrel, Rank 10 Rune-keeper, Rank 7 Champion
    Rank 11 Weaver, Rank 11 Blackarrow, Rank 10 Reaver, Rank 10 Stalker, Rank 9 Defiler, Rank 7 Warleader

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    septembre 2010

    Changes are Here.........

    I would like to see a green ball in the mini map, not a star constellation ....... Please



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