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    février 2013

    The *NEW* Unmerciful Army

    The Unmerciful Army is under new leadership and currently recruiting. We are building on a positive and active existing community, and expanding our ranks. If you are currently leveling up, this is the Kinship for you, as we have members of all levels. We are approaching end-game, and are looking for experienced members that can help us progress through all the end-game this game has to offer, as well as people of all levels that want to enjoy every aspect of the game.

    Visit our website at

    and feel free to message any of our officers in game.

    Thank you!

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    Date d'inscription
    avril 2013

    The Unmerciful Army /Withywindle World

    I have enjoyed my time with this Kin, looking forward to meeting new members!

    Very supportive, thank you all!

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    Date d'inscription
    avril 2013

    Great kinship

    I have a blast everyday I log in. My progression increased dramaticly since I have been in this kinship. I have been in this kinship for about a month and a half. COME JOIN US .

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    mars 2013


    This kin is so much fun, and such a nice community.. very helpful people from all over the world.. very diverse and mature kind of people. I have to admit, some kins were kind of snobby and stuck up, but this kin was very open to me and helped me out of some tight situations.. If you wanna have a fun time and chat with people we have kinnies on 24/7. Come check us out at one of our parties!


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    janvier 2013

    Unmerciful army of belnoz?

    What ever happened to Belnoz?



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