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    juin 2009
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    Heavy Bridle - hey furtim

    I tried to PM furtim but surprise. I couldn't get the PM page to work. But don't let me get started on a rant about this sight.

    I had a buddy that made himself a 1st age heavy bridle and he raved about how it made his cappy a God. Unfortunately he quit playing before I could quiz him on the build.

    Any advice on legacies that would be important for a build to go in and fight fearlessly, switching stances from healing to dps to just tank warlords.

    Bridle legs and builds in the heavy tree.

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    septembre 2010
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    My gaming stuff is all packed up (I just moved cross-country), so I can't check what I have on it right now. But I think I put a token number of points into Conservative Combatant, a few more into the Rider Armour legacy, and a lot into War-Steed Agility for tactical damage. The idea is that I build my Heavy steed for surviving close combat. The relics include a lot of crit and mastery, though.

    Whenever I get my gaming PC unpacked, I'll get the details of my build.

    Anyway, my usual strategy for warbands is to sit in Riddermark discipline and pick off adds in melee. I'll try to chase down a single add and stay in auto-attack range while letting my AoE cries wear down the rest. I'll hope into Rohirrim for healing whenever I need it, but I try to stay in Riddermark until all the adds are dead. When I'm down to just the warband boss, I'll start switching between Red Dawn and Rohirrim instead, to keep my damage up for the kill. If they're particularly slippery, I'll toggle on Command to keep them in melee range and get positional damage going.

    I've soloed everyone but Conog and Shaguk like that. The hardest one to take down with this method is actually Varg, weirdly. Not sure what the deal is there, since he's only a Small Fellowship warband. Voz can also be tough if you don't take down his Bow-master companions first. They do a lot of damage.
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    mai 2008
    i have been playing with the Heavy Bridle Idea, until i decided against it:
    Damage is insane with a Heavy Steed: +50% against dismounted foes, +XX% against mounted foes you attack from behind, +25% more criticals. Its the other 2 disciplines that really don't help much: nothing beats Morale through aggression-blue discipline in light steed and i rarely run out of power even when running in tank gear to make conservative combat worth it. The death blow of my heavy bridle ideas for actual in-game testing. A heavy steed is not only slower 50% of the time, it is also harder to maneuver with much less agility and turning rate than a light steed. Also +block% is less useful than +evade%.

    When going heavy you will hit more against certain foes and crit more, but have less damage output in auto-attacks and non-critted skills. This feels great in numbers, but the real feeling of a riding a heavy steed is terrible- one more button to push every 10s, bigger turning circle, longer cooldowns between skills.

    You wanna help with Bridle builds, check out

    I would pick for a Heavy steed:

    Spears will be Shaken Slow Duration
    War-steed agility
    War-steed Maximum Endurance
    Red Dawn skill direct damage bonus
    Rohirrim skill healing bonus
    Riddermark skill direct damage bonus

    For the last legacy slot from crystal, i would consider:
    War-steed strength or War-steed evade rating

    With a Heavy longer cooldowns and more contact with the enemy thanks to slower foes, its almost certain that you will want Insignia of Free speech. for an emblem its a toss call between + 50 agility or + 10 turn rate. Setting of savvy and gem of acumen.

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    janvier 2009
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    ive just been getting back into the game... where/how does one get a first age bridle? i assume they are crafted? guilded tailors?
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