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Discussion: Highest Dev Crit

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    février 2010

    Highest Dev Crit

    Hey there. I was wondering what your highest dev crit was against an on level monster? Im only 43 and coda crits for 2200 against orange monsters with 1900 morale

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    juin 2011
    Currently 8643 is my highest coda Dev, wasn't using anthem of war though no to arms/oathbreakers.

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    février 2012
    On my mini I've currently gotten my coda to dev for 13k but that was with a cappy normally mine sit at a 9-10k
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    septembre 2010
    Level 85 with a decent build and a 2nd age 85 dps stick with no crystals gets me in the 9k range with no outside buff help. Considering the difference between my LM's hits and dps with 2nd age 85 staff with no crystals and a 1st age with 3 crystals I would expect a pretty large jump in damage if my mini has a 1st age dps stick.

    I'll get a 1st age dps stick for my mini eventually just because I can but it's not something I worry about. Personally I like seeing the multiple 4k and 5k hits with the coda when I'm in Harmony with a group and healing.

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    juin 2011
    Just made myself a level 85 Minstrel on the beta server. I had around 1900 Will and 15% critt and my coda of fury scored between 8k and 9k on level 85 enemies. But this was with a char I created an hour ago. With better gear and some cappy buffs I will try to score over 15k on the beta server later this week.

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    juin 2011
    3 x Minor Ballads + AoTTA = 10k hit?

    Jeez what are your stats when dpsing?

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    octobre 2010
    2 324
    To be honest, WAY too high for a healing class to be hitting for.



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