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    juin 2011

    Question Youtube Partener and Monetization

    I've recently become a youtube partner for the monetization of my videos.

    I have my own (copyright = mine) videos which are fine,
    My minecraft vids which i have the Mojang licences for

    But I have many LOTRO videos that I am not sure of whether I'll be able to monetize from them.

    If anyone wants to view them before answering, here's my channel:
    (not begging for views but there may be something you'll like too )

    What i'm asking is if I can do it and for maybe a link to something I could use if youtube asked for evidence.

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    juillet 2011
    I don't know for sure, but I'd say you can't (just a feeling). Info like this is usually hidden in locations where nobody ever looks (like the user agreement). But if it's legal, you've got yourself a rival lol
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    Send a PM to Sapience, he should be able to help. Let him know exactly what you would like to do. Generally though, while you can usually post videos of LOTRO on YouTube, you are not allowed to make any money or profit in any monetary way from it unless you get Turbine's (written) consent. Since YouTube's Partnership Program description states "... and earn more money.", there's an implication that you will be profiting from the videos.
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    You are free to post videos to youtube that you create in game. However, you may not profit from it as you do not hold the copyright to the source material (LOTRO). Always better to be safe than sorry.



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