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    avril 2011

    Minstrel character pics

    Hello fellow minstrels!
    just thought it would be cool and interesting to see how other mini's look. I don't think we have this thread yet, and i see other classes are starting theirs too (hunters and champs)
    I want to see what others are putting on their minstrels too.
    So post your pics here and if someone asks try name the pieces!

    Jackincard - Leader of BandofBrothers **(silverlode kin)**

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    janvier 2011
    Ohio River valley
    A very simple cosmetic outfit made from Elvish start area light armors and the Cloak of the Autumn Wood. Sea blue dye for contrast:

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    novembre 2010

    Its cold in the new area so I got put together the Kindred forochel cloak with the robe from annuminas :3 loots very warm
    Ssupermann: I hate minis, they have satellite lazers

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    septembre 2010

    This is one of my many minstrels Hope she shows up XD
    Dernière modification par Mizzkitteh ; 13/06/2013 à 08h11. Motif: picture didnt show up :(

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    avril 2007
    3 029
    Kickin' it old school, yo!

    A favorite outfit for one of my Minstrels.

    Another favorite Minstrel outfit.

    Remember when elves used to stand even weirder than they do now?

    Narlinde ~ Minstrel, Singer of the Lament of Windfola



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