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    juillet 2011
    Maryland, United States of America

    The Drunken Spar Event is Back!

    TNK and Cuthalion's Warriors invite you to attend this drunken fist fight of justice,mayhem and ponies! The event will be just like usual, though we have made a few changes.
    The important information is recorded below, and has been confirmed. However, it may change at any given time, so stay tuned!

    Location- Outside Bree South Gate (I believe near the skirmish camp. There is a nice open area there.)
    Time- 3pm EST (held earlier than usual in order to ensure more people are able to attend)
    Date- June 16th, 2013
    Levels/Classes- Any and all.
    Other Requirements- Be sure to bring beer, a lot of inventory space (in the event you decide to fight nude) and most importantly, have fun!

    For further information, seek Kaelalas on here, in-game or at TNK forums (

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    novembre 2012

    The Drunken Spar Event is Back!

    noted down in calendar!



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