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Discussion: Loottable

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    juin 2011


    I am looking for an addon for Lord of the Rings online, after I got used to it in WoW, I would not want to miss.
    It is a Itemoverview where something now drop, what is the drop chance. Divided into as verscheidensten instances (for example: I click on the tab at area Angmar, seeking CarnDum from me, and click on Modirith defeated because there shall be shown me that he can drop the housingitem with 10%).

    For simplification yet because ansich link to the addon.

    Sry for me bet English.


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    janvier 2011
    I don't think you'll find exactly what you're looking for. The LotRO Compendium plugin and the LotRO Wiki reference site will probably be the closest you'll find.

    Compendium shows some basic information about where to find some drops. It may not list specific information; as an example, it shows that Auger drops in Carn Dum, not that it drops from the boss Helchgam.

    No one knows drop rates with any certainty, as far as I know, so don't expect to find specifics about that.
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    juin 2011
    I thank you sincerely,
    at least this is something I can ever use.



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