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Discussion: Eldar rank list

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    juin 2011
    Suffolk Uk

    Post Eldar rank list



    Tyrant Ironbones- 15
    Tyrant Azogg- 15
    Overlord Pathou -14
    Overlord Tyrrat -14
    High Chieftain Gashal-13
    High Chieftain Sageata-13
    High Chieftain Uzfang-13
    Chieftain Shagnaka-12
    Chieftain Emcha-12
    Chieftain Xiix-12
    Chieftain Hazuz-12
    Chieftain Mightarrow-12

    Commander Godfeather-11
    Commander Bullass-11
    Commander Tearflesh-11
    Commander Krokojan-11
    Commander Dimbash-11
    Commander Tarburz -11
    Commander Dairuins -11
    Commander Vlaamseleeuw-1 -11
    Commander Hidalco -11
    Commander Twoint -11
    Commander Darkflight-11
    Commander Czarnaszyja -11
    Commander Urukkiller -11


    Overlord Mudface-14
    Overlord Tibb-14
    Overlord Bloodspill-14
    Overlord Afrohead-14
    High Chieftain Dire-13
    High Chieftain Blarrluk-13
    High Chieftain Volchara-13
    High Chieftain Raydengorki-13
    High Chieftain Sneezles-13
    High Chieftain Bitemarks-13
    Chieftain Kleftolas-12
    Chieftain Melikeeme-12
    Chieftain Fannee-12
    Chieftain Zigash-12
    Chieftain Junkyarddog-12
    Chieftain Basilbrush-12
    Chieftain Zilinder-1-12
    Chieftain Grommutt-12
    Chieftain Taniarque-12
    Chieftain Hellbiter -12
    Chieftain Maanegarm -12
    Chieftain Rimgar -12
    Chieftain Lugwoff -12
    Chieftain Duroth -12

    Commander Slayerdogg-11
    Commander Tedstriker-11
    Commander Alphazero-11
    Commander Dawny-11
    Commander Apbt-11
    Commander Asprodontis-11
    Commander Wulfwarg-11
    Commander Grishpaw-11
    Commander Rock-11
    Commander Gurgalz-11
    Commander Repolainen -11
    Commander Asprodontis -11
    Commander Dentee -11
    Commander Nozrog -11
    Commander Cruentus -11
    Commander Kurlak -11


    Tyrant Blindings- 15
    Overlord Webss-14
    High Chieftain Baiboua-13
    High Chieftain Serve-13
    Chieftain Irudis-12
    Chieftain Scumfilth-12
    Chieftain Sednorwen-1-12
    Chieftain Kirgan-12
    Chieftain Wulfspyder-12
    Chieftain Fanaweb-12
    Chieftain Mreza-12
    Commander Xtinquish-11
    Commander Ilweb-11
    Commander Orumcex-11
    Commander Sheelen-11
    Commander Kahskul-11
    Commander Demens-11


    Overlord Powned-14
    High Chieftain Lidlesseyes-13
    High Chieftain Bini-13
    High Chieftain Calenhand-13
    High Chieftain Jamo-13
    Chieftain Grack-12
    Chieftain Urbuhs-12
    Chieftain Banzai -12

    Commander Ashurbaninakh-11
    Commander Loolool-11
    Commander Drakoulas-11
    Commander Brekar-11
    Commander Midgegash-11


    Overlord Galrolax-14
    High Chieftain Hellcreep-13
    High Chieftain Grologamz-13
    Chieftain Taraxias-12
    Chieftain Bloodbaath-12
    Chieftain Kaylash-12
    Chieftain Muzuuk-12
    Chieftain Rugba-12
    Chieftain Zlochko-12
    Chieftain Blasted-12
    Chieftain Razzguzz-12
    Chieftain Silvergoku-12
    Chieftain Baznag-12
    Chieftain Trabant-12
    Chieftain Aztecadan-12
    Commander Snexct-11
    Commander Talantaquendu -11
    Commander Daissy-11
    Commander Fulish-11
    Commander Snooki-11
    Commander Halgash-11


    Overlord Ohmatron-14

    Overlord Ignor-14
    High Chieftain Mrmatty-13
    Chieftain Venomorf-12
    Chieftain Somenutter-12
    Chieftain Shamanu-12
    Commander Adamun-11
    Commander Lungrash-11
    Commander Jerio-11
    Commander Eahealth-11
    Commander Velebni-11
    Commander Hagsnak-11
    Commander Akrawmiga-11
    Commander Funnybunny-11
    Commander Vromovazelix-11

    (If this could get a Sticky that'd be great)

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    Ratkill-Warleader-Rank 15
    Legion Of Lost Souls-Officer [Evennight]

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    Suffolk Uk


    Captain-General Gretolas-15
    Captain-General Elgorian-15
    Captain-General Odovocar-15
    First Marshal Domaros-14
    Second Marshal Valindor-13
    Second Marshal Zoddor-13
    Second Marshal Malamen-13
    Second Marshal Nexus-13
    Second Marshal Nurt-13
    Second Marshal Swifthir-13
    Second Marshal Talmalin-13
    Third Marshal Thingalas-12
    Third Marshal Cirel-12
    Third Marshal Idrictos-12
    Third Marshal Cirel-12
    Third Marshal Eklabond-12
    Third Marshal Quaraur-12
    Third Marshal Finmartigan-12
    Third Marshal Everbornn-12
    Third Marshal Lowing-12
    Third Marshal Arrostorm-12
    Commander Dagorod-11
    Commander Dwayna-11
    Commander Eldarius-11
    Commander Sradan-11
    Commander Lamaalas-11
    Commander Bossdoc-11
    Commander Ananrael-11
    Commander Doug-11
    Commander Klorian-11
    Commander Ealdwen-11
    Commander Zepina-11
    Commander Aardappol-11


    First Marshal Sydney-14
    Third Marshal Moyler-12
    Third Marshal Thuimli-12
    Third Marshal Gunsman-12
    Third Marshal Slatwyn-12
    Third Marshal Dwarrflord-12
    Commander Rianador-11
    Commander Megalo-11


    Second Marshal Mugur-13
    Third Marshal Clerwig-12
    Third Marshal Danijelx-12
    Third Marshal Medulis-12
    Commander Cynthial-11
    Commander Blacknel -11
    Commander Aglovale -11


    Third Marshal Sargas-12
    Third Marshal Biotouch-12
    Third Marshal Mitsi-12
    Third Marshal Faerdo-12
    Commander Millyna-11
    Commander Pooksi-11
    Commander Sinsombra-11
    Commander Pooksi-11
    Commander Roluin-11


    First Marshal Haruno-14
    Second Marshal Dairuin-13
    Second Marshal Endurion-13
    Third Marshal Saradis-12
    Third Marshal Saurechoir-12
    Commander Ainomieli-11
    Commander Andross-11
    Commander Gigy-11
    Commander Tasteless-11
    Commander Gilerda-11
    Commander Sodak-11
    Commander Monrid-11
    Commander Ingolmothalion-11


    Captain-General Shentynga-15
    First Marshal Evaline-14
    Second Marshal Sunnie-13
    Second Marshal Rethiel-13
    Second Marshal Bexs-13
    Second Marshal Bandurrion-13
    Second Marshal Areya-13
    Third Marshal Edelith-12
    Third Marshal Tnu-12
    Third Marshal Jevyan-12
    Third Marshal Padminlee-12
    Third Marshal Rokkin-12
    Third Marshal Mellynia-12
    Third Marshal Mimiel-12
    Commander Crashcart-11
    Commander Flaini-11
    Commander Emaldiom-11
    Commander Morenus-11
    Commander Aconia-11
    Commander Unodien-11
    Commander Simonz-11
    Commander Gilaross-11
    Commander Sekere-11
    Commander Galadhet-11
    Commander Naukhara-11
    Commander Elezia-11
    Commander Merliin-1-11


    Second Marshal Lethewen-13
    Second Marshal Lahna-13
    Second Marshal Spriterune-13
    Third Marshal Drakrandir-12
    Third Marshal Grimbor-12
    Third Marshal Stroumfira-12
    Third Marshal Angalmir-12
    Third Marshal Riidvan-12
    Commander Refaiden-11
    Commander Lecharus-11
    Commander Archereo-11
    Commander Hesai-11
    Commander Brunnin-11
    Commander Exaerus-11

    Second Marshal Elesphirr-13
    Third Marshal Thecreepkilla-12
    Third Marshal Elesphirr-12
    Commander Egis-11
    Commander Cudi-11
    Commander Andromedah-11


    Second Marshal Desolator-13
    Second Marshal Mendir-13
    Second Marshal Tarmas-13
    Second Marshal Stygian-1-13
    Third Marshal Zargas-12
    Third Marshal Aranion-12
    Third Marshal Helden-12
    Third Marshal Galel-12
    Third Marshal Greyheaded-12
    Third Marshal Smimidir-12
    Third Marshal Ladydeath-12
    Commander Saaxgard-11
    Commander Romanski-11
    Commander Beredir-11
    Commander Ellemere-11
    Commander Opit-11
    Commander Mieth-11

    (If this could get a Sticky that'd be great)
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    Ratkill-Warleader-Rank 15
    Legion Of Lost Souls-Officer [Evennight]

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    On the field of victory enjoying a few well-earned comforts.
    Ty for take over,

    there are many others to add, inactive but still...
    † [i]Greatness comes to those who claim it[/i] †[/center]

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    Bexs is r13 ( The Battlemaster)

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    Suffolk Uk
    Updated! keep you ranks or KBs in!
    Ratkill-Warleader-Rank 15
    Legion Of Lost Souls-Officer [Evennight]

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    Date d'inscription
    juin 2011
    lol every r11+ has sol/battlemaster its all about HoD/W and thats for the oldies now you can be r9 and have Bane of the west so kb titles are irrelevant imo

    Angalruk r14 BlackArrow-Eldar
    Angalmir r12 Runekeeper-Eldar



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