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    Strayhold Presents: Vanguard Lite Almost Open Raiding™

    Hello again, Silverlode. Strayhold's newest initiative is to provide for lower-than-cap raiding to our members. It has been such a huge success - and so much fun - that we are opening it up to all of Silverlode to join. We call it Vanguard Lite™, and it's awesome.

    What the heck is Vanguard Lite™ and what does it mean?
    It started with Vanguard: Strayhold's non-elitist static raid group that we run weekly to attack level-cap raids. Our officer Tornwyn (a Canadian, but OK otherwise) decided to see if we could apply our ethic to content lower than cap, but on level for the participants. Initially, it was just for alts, but it was so much fun for new players and vets alike that it has kind of exploded. So, Vanguard Lite™ was born (Lite = not at level cap, the ™ is just to add a touch of class) to accommodate this burgeoning need in the most fun way possible.

    Internally, Vanguard Lite™ has been a huge success, filling event after event. So much so, that we aren't going to keep it to ourselves any longer. We are bringing it to Silverlode, under our leadership.

    How does it work?
    It’s really simple. First, register on our forums.

    Strayhold Forums Registration

    Doing so gives you access to our event signup system (required for Vanguard Lite™ attendance). Once you are registered on our forums, you can sign-up for events with a single click.


    We have one event scheduled for today:

    Vanguard Lite - Urugarth 4pm EST level 50-53 toons

    Don't worry, it's super-simple. Sign-up for any Vanguard Lite™ events you want, and then bask in the glory of sweet victory! That’s it!

    So, what's the catch?

    The catch is: this is on level raiding. So, level 50 raids (like the Rift) will be done with level 50 characters.

    1) Vanguard Lite™ Toons should not be more than 4 levels above the world instance pre determined level. Preference will be given to those who are exactly at cap or slightly below, but we won't be too picky.
    2) Signups are on a first come, first serve basis. HOWEVER, some world instances require specific group make ups (IE Loremaster for Balrog, etc.) These might require some on-the-fly decisions on who gets to go. Don't worry, it's a true rarity (i.e. we've never sent someone home yet). But, it's a possibility. Strayhold Officers will have the final say.
    3) Come prepared to have fun! This is the most important rule of the all, but also includes bringing Wound/Poison/Disease/Fear pots, Morale and Power pots, scrolls, tokens, food... What have you. Our Raid Leaders will fill in the gaps for what you don't have on you.
    4) Must have Ventrilo. We will help you set it up if you need it.

    Anything Else?
    We run plenty of on-level events for Level 45 Class Items, Class Pages, and Legendary Traits. Anyone who participates in Vanguard Lite™ can join in these excursions of course. It's fun to earn the items, instead of buying them!

    Hope to see you soon.


    BlackHawk, Leader of Strayhold
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    Also, if you don't have vent, contact someone in Strayhold about setting it up. It's free, and the sound quality is much better than ingame.

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    juillet 2011

    Vanguard Lite Almost Open Raiding - Carn Dum, Saturday June 1 4PM Est, Level 50-54

    Greetings Silverlode!

    "Tor" here from Strayhold. Blackhawk introduced me as Tornwyn in his Vanguard Lite announcement thread. I would like to invite any level 50-54 toons to participate in our latest VGL event this Saturday, June 1 at 4pm Est. Last weekend we successfully completed Urugarth on level and next up will be Carn Dum.

    You can sign up at this link:

    You will need to register on our site to sign up for this or any VGL events.

    The event lists openings for up to 12 people so if we get enough folks we can create 2 or more groups to run.

    Please try to login 15 mins early and bring pots, foods and anything else you would normally bring to an instance run.

    I hope to see you there!

    Jeremy (Tor)



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