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    décembre 2007

    Congrats to Immortalis for being the 3rd known kin to complete Flight T2 on Windfolia

    Well done everyone!

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    février 2011

    Thumbs up First Pug flight t2 run

    Immortalis also finished the first pug t2 flight to lonely mountain in windfola server..kodus

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    décembre 2010
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    Immortalis also finished the first pug t2 flight to lonely mountain in windfola server..kodus


    If it was a PUG then to say "Immortalis finished the first pug t2 flight" implies that Immortalis players completely carried the Pick-Up-Group/non-kinnie players.

    Please, which classes do you mean to discount/discredit here? Were they un-needed/extra~waste~overhealing healers, CCers who you didn't need/failed to CC/you broke the CC anyway, tanks that didn't hold aggro/died, or some negligible/badly-played DPS who you would have still gotten challenge without?

    If it was a randomly thrown together group of Immortalis players, that isn't a pug. Its an Immortalis kin run even if it doesn't consist of their 12-whatever primary raiders. I'd venture to say that it is STILL just an Immortalis kin run if they simply replace 1 or 3 of their usual raid with people from friend lists etc.

    Pug = Pick-Up-Group

    Immortalis = Immortalis

    [COLOR="#40E0D0"]Turbine does not give out rewards based on the profit factor; because rewards must be earned by completing content.[/COLOR]

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    janvier 2007



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