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    mars 2011

    I Figured A Mythicman Gratz Thread Would End With This :P

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    septembre 2007
    In all honesty .. I am not sure it matters what thread it is, seems every thread these days is full of ankle biting and Pots calling Kettles black. I don't really believe that it was because it was a "Grats Thread for Mythicman" I think it just had to be a thread posted by you =) LOLOL!! J/K ... Maybe

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    octobre 2011

    So petty, so embarrassing, so sad

    For those that contributed to the closing of the original gratz thread..... you should be ashamed of yourselves for behaving in such a way that necessitated TURBINE closing a thread meant to simply congratulate your fellow player.
    It would seem the old adage of "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" and the simple "golden rule" are just lost on some folks, and that is very sad to me.

    More sad is that I owe Mythicman a case of wine now (LOL... BTW Mythic, it's on the way). We were in vent a few weeks back and he bet me that something like this would happen when the original post was made. I laughed and told him there wouldn't be anyone so small, petty, vindictive, or rude on this server, but clearly I was wrong, so thanks a lot to those that made me loose that bet.

    I see now why MM doesn't even bother responding on these forums and only responded in game or on FB to the folks that mattered to him.
    From what I heard he's now moved on to another game anyway, and with such an unfriendly and rude environment I can't say as though I blame him, but just in case you check in here sometime Mythic let me just again say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! and job well done, you'll be missed.

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    mai 2007
    I am sorry my legendary pie was the straw that broke the camel's back. Beware of pie!



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