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    septembre 2010

    Question on Wyrmfire Mender's Ring of Rohan

    Hi guys, on the tooltip, it states that "On every captain healing skills, 15% chance to apply to the caster: cooldown 30.0s effects applied to the fellowship with 20m: +1165.3 morale".

    Is the captain healing skill referring to all cappy heal skills or just words of courage?

    Also, is +1165.3 morale divided among all members of fellowship so each person gets less than that total amount of morale?
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    septembre 2010
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    It's supposed to be more than just Words of Courage. Thats what we were complaining about pre-U11 with the Wyrmfire Mender's Ring and Fornost Captain's Cloak, and RockX said he'd design it so that it procced off our other heals.

    No, the morale heal is not distributed.
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    It's also not a terribly good source of healing, because of the cooldown for the proc (the ring is around 20ish HPS/target).

    It's a nice bit of fluff, little more than that.
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    décembre 2010
    It states +1165, but when I logged in after the update and threw a WoC on the person next to me several times, it procced a +656 heal on me.



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