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    octobre 2010

    A captain at battle of erebor

    For a captain, should they use motivation speech with 600 tactical mitigation or not use it at all? (Assuming group is using fire). Thank you for taking the time to read this and any suggestions/comments is appreciated

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    octobre 2010
    It doesn't matter, because inferno subtracts a certain percentage from max. morale unlike in Fires of Smaug where tactical mitigation matters.

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    août 2010
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    *tries to remember the consensus from this topic in the Instances forum section and fails...

    It depends in my opinion. It depends on your group, what other banners are being used, and your healers. Since tanks typically have maxed tact mit, all it does is increase the amount of damage they take from fire, but zippidy-do-dah with their huge morale pools.

    Remember lotro now has significant diminishing returns for most things, so if your group all has high tact mit, 600 doesn't do much, perhaps a couple tenths of a percent. If they all have horrible mits, 600 does more. What's your group like?

    If T1 and Fire, we generally avoid captain's motivating unless they have the tactical mitigation, as players get the warm fuzzies from it. However scrolls obviously provide a LOT more benefit. Actually between scrolls and minstrels/lore-masters providing their tactical mitigation buffs, you'd probably be far enough into diminishing returns for most that motivating speech would be a liability rather than benefit. (Yes I know burgs have big tactical mitigation debuffs but they apply to the MOB, not an area effect.)

    If T2 then there are enough other banners with far more significant incoming damage issues such that a bigger morale pool offers more leeway, particularly since your healers will be not particularly bothered by the fire damage and your group will have maxed tactical mitigation to begin with.

    Either way, simply go with what your leader requests, even if it's not the technical best option, or even good in your opinion, the group will have far more success with happy leadership and all working together rather than disputing insignificant aspects. Success will not be based upon a bit more morale or tact mit in that instance.

    PS edit: If you are leading, then choose based upon the other mechanics and your group.
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    10% motivating will slightly increase the amount if damage inferno does to everyone, but the benefits of tanks not getting one-shotted and more survivability from distributed make up for it imo. I do go R8 mitigation banner over the Hope banner though.



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