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Discussion: Lothlorien glitch?

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    janvier 2012

    Question Lothlorien glitch?

    I've been experiencing problems with accessing quests in Lothlorien. I purchased both the Mines of Moria expansion quests + the Lothlorien quest pack. Having reached level 60 and completed just about all I can in Moria, a dwarf named Svanr in the First Hall of Moria offered me an instance quest, called "Instance: Greet the Sky" that would take me to the Dimril Dale in Lothlorien. I accepted the quest, spoke to Svanr, and went through the portal into Lothlorien. The quest tells me that I need to speak to Svanr again, however, when I approach him on the steps that lead down towards the Dimril Dale, there isn't a quest ring above his head. He just looks around and doesn't do or say anything. In desperation, I tried exploring the rest of Lothlorien, but I am cut short not too far out of Dimril Dale by a red force-field-like thing that doesn't let me go any further. Anyone know how I can fix this and continue to quest in Lothlorien? Thanks
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    avril 2012
    As far i remember this quest of Swar is a Soloinstance . It could be that you need to go back in to first hall and talk to swar again ...or was it down the stairs and talk to one in this camp , then go back. It could be that this instance is may bugged so decline it or try again. Theres no fighting by declining you loose only this one quest and in your level its not bringing a lot XP.

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    juin 2011
    I think I have never ever even SEEN that quest, let alone done it!
    I still have 8 chars past Lothlorien inc 1 at max reputation.
    I'd say the same thing as Merlinsjaeger: Read the quest, maybe try
    the wiki for it for tips, if you still can finish it, just exit and cancel the
    instance and just walk into Loth by yourself...
    No real harm done (unless you are a perfectionistic completionist)



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