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    août 2007
    New Zealand

    Lightbulb Dawning Eclipse 6th Anniversary Party Friday 3rd of May

    All kin members, ex-kin members, Allied Kins and friends are welcome to come and celebrate with us. There will be music, fireworks, fun and prizes!

    Closer to the time a list of events will be listed on:

    The Party will be on Friday 3rd May starting at 8.30pm EST.
    Location is Home of Dawning Eclipse, 2 Chalk Road, Bullridge, Shire Homesteads, Windfola.
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    juillet 2012

    Party was a blast!

    Has anyone else ever noticed that we used to get a lot of musicians doing concerts near the rock outside the Pony, but then, after Turbine tried to facilitate the practice by erecting a proper stage there when they remodeled Bree, such concerts all but vanished? The decline in social interaction throughout Erda saddens me. The Free Peoples can never know victory unless we band together and get to know one another.

    I occasionally hear about interesting player events going on in other worlds, but never much for us these days. That changed for me last Friday when I chanced to see announcement for a big to-do in Michel Delving. ("Something happening in Windfola? Really?! I should check this out!")

    Big thanks to the kin of the Dawning Eclipse, the gracious hosts of the party! Well planned, well executed, and well attended. Just the kind of thing we needed to boost our spirits in these darkening times.

    Best in-game player event I've ever attended in Windfola. (I only wish I had paid attention enough to know about the party before it was half over.) For me, it set a new standard of what a player event can be. I hope more kinships and individuals in our world follow DE's example.

    To those who let the party pass them by, you missed out on a Tolkien quiz, a fashion show, a riddle quest across central Eriador, and some good music. Oh yeah. . .and chances to win fabulous prizes (including Turbine Points).

    A tough act to follow, but I'm sure someone will be up to the challenge. Keep an eye out for other such opportunities to meet your neighbors. And participate.

    Again, thanks to the Dawning Eclipse!
    Halgoreth, Tailor
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