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    février 2011

    Cool [Global Event] Lotro video from the fans to the Devs

    Hello everyone my name is Brenter

    I am the White Wizard of Windfola and Leader of The Crusaders Kinship...

    Our kinship came up with a fantastic idea...To make a LOTRO video, gift to LOTRO's team...for their good work, and for giving us one of the greatest gifts, to chance to play and be a part of the story that thrilled us...

    Here are some info:

    Ok first of all, we didn't have time to make any promotional video but we are working on that

    1) Every player that want to take part on this event should send pics of his character...(Emotions are welcome)

    2) In case you don't mind sending us your own videos, like lets say...record urself, saying ''thank you'' or greeting the LOTRO team...we would ask you to type down the country or region you come from... Like lets say (London, UK, Europe)
    The general idea is to gather videos like these to show to the team how much we love their good work, but also to show that LOTR is growing larger inside our hearts everyday...

    3) We also would ask you to write us down the kin that you hail from and server. So we can thank each kin, or player individually for their contribution!

    4) You can suggest, also the songs that you would like to hear for the main theme....please understand that depending on the audience that would like to take part on this project...we will have longer or smaller video... (we hope to make a huge video)

    P.S This is a voluntary project...we have big crazy dreams that want them to become true...lets all together unite for what brings us joy.... The Lord of The Rings (Online)

    Info of the video development will be posted everyday on the forums...

    Videos, pics and info with your questions are requaired to be sendet to this e-mail:
    We will be glad to reply to all your questions and we will keep you updated with whats new!

    A small request: Share this to as many friends as you will be nice to take a hole symphony of lotro and make it one

    Brenter the White!
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