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    Khuzd Belkul is seeking great Dwarven RP-ers

    Laurelin: The Order of Khuzd Belkul

    “Hearken to me, proud sons and daughters of Dwarrow Kind! The Order of Khuzd Belkul calls upon your Loyalty, Honor and willing Heart! Seize your chance, let your worth be judged and gain passage to the Halls of the Mighty Dwarves!”

    OOC: Heavy RP kinship led by The Dwarrow Scholar (RANK 10, active website and events). Friendly and Mature Kin welcoming top notch dwarven RP-ers of any Class and Level! Contact Kandral ingame or via kstrongbeard[at]
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    Khuzd Belkul, meaning mighty dwarf in the ancient tongue of the dwarves, mustering dwarrows that are both mighty with axe and wise with words.

    Khuzd Belkul is a non-military dwarf-only kinship on Laurelin bringing together a family of friendly and mature dwarf-RPers.
    We have weekly events, to which all are welcomed, yet we understand RL comes first and do not demand any attendance.
    RP is key with Khuzd Belkul, as such we have plenty of ad-hoc RP get-togethers where we RP our dwarven hearts out.
    We do not recruit “en masse” but rather seek to invite those top dwarven RP-ers to our family.

    Do you love RP-ing as a dwarf?
    Do you want to be part of a mature and friendly RP-ing group?

    Do not hesitate to get in touch – send a letter (or IM) to Kandral or email: kstrongbeard [AT]

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    août 2013
    I just had to leave a post here.

    I've been with Khuzd Belkul for about a year now, joined because I wanted to join a dwarf-RP kinship that didn't focus on military drills and such, but just focused on RP and never once have I regretted it.
    Khuzd Belkul a small kinship, like a dwarven family you could say.

    The atmosphere in this kinship really something else... friendly, humorous, relaxed and mature.
    Plus our lord Kandral here, well he's brilliant, period. Loads of events all the time where you can win great prizes. Helping out members, you name it.
    I can tell you, I've been in other kinship's in the past and none beat this one.

    Proud member of Khuzd Belkul!

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    Aww, thanks Midi

    Made me all happy inside reading this post... wait that doesn't sound dwarvish at all.. let me rephrase that...
    *slaps Midarin on the back and grunts while smiling slightly* LOL

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    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2013
    Any dwarf character on Laurelin looking for a non-military kinship that will allow you to develop your personal RP-story, join in with great events and generally have a good time with like-minded friendly people should look no further and join Khuzd Belkul.
    A brilliant kinship led by the best Kinleads ever!
    Proud to be a member of the Order!



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