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    septembre 2012
    I should come to moors more often

    Crickhollow, Leadd 85 Guard, Laeddzas 25 LM, Leadz 20 Hunter, Muzlead R5 BA

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    septembre 2010
    Citation Envoyé par Noridan Voir le message
    Um...this is news? It's been known by this cowering always-in-camo-and-tracking hunter (well when I played The Moors that is)... I forget when I learned this, but it was some time ago...before RoI for sure. Think it was Slye what gave it away...

    Yeah - you and Notleh have known all along - I think maybe one other...(I turned off the mod by mistake a in lvl 65 pre-raid group, was 4 of us including me...Notleh was like dude!) hahahaha ;-)
    Ellouhollia - R13 - Hunter (BW) | Ellou - R10 - Guardian (BW) | Slye - R10 - Burglar (CH) | Borialys - R8 - Minstrel (BW)
    Freepstalker - R8 - Stalker (CH) | Freepstalker - R7 - Stalker (BW) | Allwrong - R7 - Warleader (BW)

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    décembre 2010
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    I do not know what is truth from a lie now.

    All this time I thought you were a trucker with a black lung. My world has been rocked.

    Well hey, you gotta be damn special to be in the ###### club anyway

    I have a confession too. This is me



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