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    juin 2007

    New Firefoot Ettenmoors Ventrilo Server

    Hey everyone just wanted to inform you all that I've rented a ventrilo server for the purposes of (some kin raids) but mostly firefoot PvP. I liked the idea Balidor had before, and I would like to continue to encourage greater communication on both sides. Everyone is welcome, hopefully this can be used as a tool to end these dreaded rez/spawn camps.

    In any case here's the info: Port: 5585

    If you don't have vent you can download it here, it's fairly simple to setup:

    Looking forward to greater organization on both sides!

    -- Stan
    Stantaun - 65 Hunter
    Ozzymandias 75 Burg
    Verite 75 Captain

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    juillet 2010
    That's very generous of you..I'm off mic most of the time except weekends but it would be good for both sides to get better organized.
    Rank 12 Warleader, Flaprat Rank 11 Reaver, various other ones i'm useless at...



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