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Discussion: Mouse Over

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    septembre 2010

    Mouse Over

    Is there a way to disable the Mouse Over for your skills?

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    juin 2011
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    Assuming that the problem is the tool-tip covering too much of your quickslot-bar, search the Interface tab of the Options panel for "Enable static tool-tips". After checking this, use Strg+# to rearrange your UI and put the Static Tool-Tip box to somewhere where it won't get into the way. My own is below the minimap, right on top of the Quest Tracker. I don't need them both at the same time, so this works fine for me.

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    septembre 2010
    There isn't a way to totally disable the mouse-over bit, but you can set the delay tooltip time to be considerably longer, which is almost as good as disabling it. Also, enabling static-placed tooltip will allow the tooltip to show up in the same place, no matter what. Then you can use ctrl+\ to place it where ever you would like.

    Hope this helps.
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