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    juillet 2007
    Beaumont, Texas

    ATTN FIREFOOT! Lotro Texans/close to Texans party June 21st TBD


    So I'm going to spend the week in Houston to watch the Astros lose for my vacation in June and planning a Lotro party for June 21st where we are going to pretty much drink and do stuff and things that will be remembered forever. For more details read my thread in the RL events thread which I'm to lazy to copy onto this post. Don't miss out and regret it forever if you are anywhere around Houston.

    Love Bace
    Bace- R14 Suicidal Minstrel and Kamikaze Karaoke King, Firefoot

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    décembre 2009
    Cuernavaca, México.
    Sorry, but i live kinda far away (México) even tho I would love to go.
    Deir - Rune Keeper - Level 100 - Firefoot (And a big bunch of useless alts)
    "My heals brings all the creeps to the yard... and they're like... it's better than yours".
    "Because you know I'm all about that Bace, no trebble"

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    juin 2009
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    So I'm going to spend the week in Houston
    You have my sympathies.

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    décembre 2007



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