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    décembre 2010

    Tribe Primal Distortion

    New Tribe is looking for more players for small 3-6 man groups. Leader has 2 years experience pvmp'ing in the moors. If you have a toon that needs a spot to earn some points and have group activity; PST Scorpiuz for an invite.

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    juin 2011
    Just a heads up. Running through 1v1 last night ganking everyone there is not a great idea for trying to recruit for your tribe.

    Also, i spy with my little eye, something beginning with F.......... Flamdush ! Remember the thread where you claimed you DONT gank......

    Actually, where is that Marvels Marvellous Ganking Thread......... Maybe needs updating.

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    septembre 2012
    Lao you realy like to flame on Marvels i see

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    juin 2011
    isnt this the murican nab tribe?
    Chains of insanity - Doom of GY Reborn - FOTM - WotGE - Fancy Lads
    Retired from LOTRO



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